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Aug 26, 2013 10:00am PDT
on the death list in mississippi and he took it upon himself to train our children what to do in case they heard gunfire. that's exactly what they did that night. each other helped each other to the bathroom to get in the tub and my screams stopped them from completing that hiding point. but we knew, you live with death threats constantly and you adapt your life to that. you might argue, but you don't leave without the embrace. you might become angry with things that are happening around you, but it's a time of support. it's a time of pulling people together. and during that time, we had the ages divided. there were the young people and there were the older people. those in the middle were more or less teachers who were a little afraid to speak up and stand out. medgarr stood alone in that battle. he did have supporters, of course, but he was the point person and it was extremely difficult for us as a family to live with that. but you lived as though every day was going to be your last together. it sounds a little sad but that's the way it was. >> one of your themes in your speech on
Aug 6, 2013 10:00am PDT
. met with a famous college basketball team that helped a white university of mississippi team play their first game against african-americans. this of course meeting with some living negro leaguers, the most famous of which is miniminoso. he played in the majors, ron tinsley had some minor league time. but what was interesting about the conversation when it turned to a-rod was this whole issue of these guys seem to have had it. and what's interesting now, you see current players saying the same thing. they're all like, you know what? clean this support up and they're not happy with a-rod heer either. >> tell me your impression of what's going on with this steroid -- first of all, what did they call a performance enhancing drug in your day? coffee? >> coffee. you lucky. and before, we're not making enough to maybe buy one bottle of dom perignon. i remember they used to be tough, people with alcohol and never in my life -- nothing to this day to my life. i never took drugs in my life. not even smoking. before allvy in my mind about how to play tomorrow and i haven't done anything bef
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2